What do you consider the effective ISO limit of your camera?

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Re: EP3

I think that the 2500 limit is weird : why not 1600 or 3200 ?

Plus I remember reading about full iso stops difference were better, aka that iso 800 would be better than iso 640. I don't remember were I found that. However and would be curious to know whether that is true. Any hint ?

Steven Wandy wrote:

Generally had Auto ISO limited to 3200 on all my Pen (EP1, EP2 & EP3) cameras. Always felt that the noise was much better than I experienced in my film and early digital days and cleaned up rather well. And I also felt that you could clean up the noise easier than fixing a blurry picture. (Also, my tolerance for noise is probably greater than a lot of shooters here.)

But now on the EP3 I actually lowered it to 2500 because above that the camera says "extended" so I guess the real (read non-extended) range of the sensor/processor is considered by Olympus to be 2500. But I have no problem raising it above that if necessary - just don't want the camera to do it on its own.

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