Will Woodford do anything for us??

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Re: Will Woodford do anything for us??

And people have also predicted the death of Leica. They're still waiting...

expressivecanvas wrote:

Although I firmly believe that Mr Woodford has done the right thing in trying to fix the problems Olympus has with it's Board of Directors... and I believe this with absolute certainty... I also believe that this shake-up will probably drop the Imaging Division from the Olympus tree.

In recent times, all of Olympus senior management seemed to be hacking away at the Imaging Division from articles I have read, Board Meeting presentations I have seen, and, just by looking at the annual numbers too. It seemed to me that the days were numbered for Olympus Imaging division at Olympus.

Now, I suspect the only way Olympus is to survive... whether it be on it's own feet or by being bought out (which is probably most likely at this point)... will be if they focus on their strong points... their medical equipment. This is their bread and butter. And, Olympus will need to lighten it's load and get rid of relatively small divisions that are consistently adding to it's debt.

If I were looking to rebuild Olympus as the medical equipment giant they truly are, I would probably sell off the Imaging Division as quickly as possible for some cash flow. Of course, this would be after all the investigations and after gaining some confidence in shareholders.

If Olympus continues to hang on to their Imaging Division, I only see more stagnation, indfference and mediocre products, at best. I see no development for a future because they will be struggling too much to just survive each day.

I just do not think the current management (middle and senior) has any interest in spending money on a losing camera division. And, as much as I feel Mr Woodford is right in his fight with the Olympus Board of Directors, I highly doubt he has a vision for Olympus Imaging staying at Olympus, considering their rather poor financial performance in recent years. Perhaps if Olympus Imaging division had been making money for Olympus over the past few years and their dSLR sales were continuing to grow, I might feel differently.

About the original question by the OP... why are there so many threads about this topic here in this forum... the dSLR forums are where the professionals and vocal enthusiasts are... these people are very serious about their camera gear. This holds true for the other brands as well. So, it seems logical to me that the Olympus dSLR forum is where most of these threads would be located. After all, this is Olympus news!

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