Nex v. Panasonic DMC GX1

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Re: AF and shot speed looks faster too

tsammyc wrote:

Fermy & Jorgingho may purposely be ignoring discussing the 5N with the EA2 adapter. You get phase detection autofocus and true DSLR quality with Zeiss and Sony G glass with the NEX. That allows the 5N to reach a level of perfection unattainable by M4/3 at a slight penalty in weight and size for those willing to spend more. The NEX appears to be the most flexible system currently and its disadvantage in "good enough" lenses will disappear over time. The E-mount has been released to 3rd party lens manufacturers without charge from Sony, so expect lenses from people like Sigma, Tamron and Tokina over time.

There is no "true DSLR quality". Nikon D40 with kit lens is one quality. Canon 5D II with 35mm L lens is another quality. There is no NEX or m4/3 quality either. NEX with 16mm pancake is one thing, NEX with Contax G 45/2 is another thing.

EA2 adapter might makes sense for people that use NEX as a sidekick for DSLR/SLT alpha system, for everyone else it defeats the purpose.

There is no "most flexible system" either. There are many different compromises on both sides, like poor DR here and lack of hot shoe there. This old boring song about "perfection", "unattainable IQ", and willingness to spend more, culminating in a choice of NEX-5N are self-contradictory. First, if ultimate IQ matters, FF is still the way to go. The choice of 5N as a body already shows that you are prepared to take severe IQ hit due to no good flash in addition to ergonomics hit due to no buttons, and operational speed hit due to no good AF lenses.

I am sure NEX will get lenses over time, and m4/3 will get sensors with decent DR over time. One has to take pictures now, though, so it's current capabilities that matter. The funny thing is that the choice is not really that critical: both systems are fine for amateur use and will take great pictures, but somehow all these debates look like it's a matter of grave importance.

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