Price guestimates of the 35-100X?

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Re: Totally wrong

msusic wrote:

Where are those direct comparisons between the two lenses besides already debunked comparison on adapted E-P1?

There are surely people with both lenses here?

Or at least one person can post a processed RAW of P7-14mm at 7mm showing some demanding subject like forrest shot with lot of foliage for instance.

I'll do the same so we can compare, it doesn't have to be an identical shot.

I haven't seen any debunking of the linked test that actually holds water. You have a theory that 4/3 lenses aren't optically equivalent on MFT cameras and your only support seems to be, "because I say so." On the other hand, I've seen many images from 4/3 lenses shot on MFT bodies and they look quite spectacular. Maybe you can provide a link to something that supports your theory?

While you're working on that, you can read this head-to-head comparison done using the Panny on a MFT canera and the Oly on a 4/3 camera. The verdict, once again, is that the Panny 7-14mm is the better lens.


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