Wha aspect ratio should we use on x10 as a default?

Started Nov 8, 2011 | Discussions thread
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I prefer the 4:3 sensor

I recently switched my photo album from 4x6 prints to 6x8 prints as our local Photo store / Print shop is pushing these as a replacement for 4x6 and pricing it the same. So now I don't need to do any cropping for these with my P&S or my m43 camera. Larger prints are neither 4:3 or 3:2 so I have to crop anyways.

JCC123 wrote:

I think this was discussed on a thread a long time ago somewhere but I don't remember what the conclusion was. The x10 has a 4:3 sensor so it makes sense to has it on that setting most of the time except for the fact that the default print size on photo paper as well as traditional 35mm film is in 3:2. I would rather use 3:2 most of the time because of that in addition to the fact that it takes less space.

Do people take 4:3 and crop it post processing? Isn't that an extra layer of work? Would it be damaging to the sensor to constantly use just the 3:2 ratio which leaves unused the top and bottom of the sensor?

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