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VincentWSLim wrote:

Hello All,

I am dithering between a choice between 2 UWA.

  • 10 - 22 mm Canon f4-5.6

  • 11 - 16 mm Tokina f2.8

I am going up to Hong Kong to buy the lens, the canon is offered at $USD 690 and the Tokina is cheaper by ninty bucks at USD $600. I am seeking practical advice for those who own the lens or have previously own the lens.

With the price so close, will the difference in 1mm wide make a differences. I anticipated myself to be doing a number of landscape. I cannot figure how much more horizon I can get with 1 mm.

honestly, yes, the 1mm will make a difference. but more importantly, the 16-22mm range will also make a difference. a 10-22 lens is a multi-use lens. you can even take portraits at 22mm. an 11-16mm lens is ONLY a wide angle lens.

this is important to me. i only take ONE lens with me when i leave the house. recently i visited a friend in oklahoma and went to a shotgun range. it was kind of neat, actually. i took the 10-24 with me and got lots of wide, encompassing landscape shots at 10mm, but also got a lot of up-close shots at 24mm.

an 11-16mm lens is ONLY a wide angle lens.

However, I saw another thread here and the 1 stop difference seems critical if doing architecture interior shot.

i COMPLETELY DISAGREE with this. let's crunch some numbers.

rule of thumb = 1/focal length (x2 to compensate for crop and factor of safety). minimum handhold shutter speed at 10mm is 1/20s. if you can't get 1/20s at f/3.5, you aren't going to get it at f/2.8. that is not a 1-stop difference. worst case scenario, just underexpose by 1/2 stop and you'll get the same shutter speed with the 10-22 as with the 11-16.

what's important is that the 10-22 is f/3.5-4.5... but that f/4.5 only comes in to play well after the 11-16 has hit the limit of its focal range at 16mm.

in the 11-16mm range, there isn't much difference between f/3.5 (or f/4.0 tops) and f/2.8 when it comes to hand holding this lens. again, it's incredibly easy to handhold a UWA lens. 1/20s? who can't get 1/20s indoors. open a window on an overcast day there's your 1/20s.

this is why if you compare the two lenses in terms of focal length and aperture i believe that the 10-22 is the hands down winner. the 10-22 also focuses much closer and has a higher magnification ratio than the 11-16. this is an overlooked quality of ht elens, but one that i find very useful.

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