Pana 20 mm f1.7 no IS ok?

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Re: Pana 20 mm f1.7 no IS ok?

A different experience - I switched to PEN (E-PL2, then E-P3) from GF1 and GH2 for many reasons other than in body stabilization, so IBIS was additional bonus to me! If you don't have any particular reason (EVF?) to go for a Panasonic body, and assuming you're not a pixel-peeper fanatic, you'll get a fantastic combo with every PEN you can afford + 20mm f1.7!

larsbc wrote:

daveco2 wrote:

Does anyone miss having IS with the 20mm f1.7 attached to a Pana m4/3 body, or would that cause you to go to an Oly body with IBIS?

I'd love to have stabilization with the 20/1.7 but that's not enough to make to switch to PEN. I prefer the sensor and built-in EVF of my GH2. Even without stabilization, the fast 1.7 aperture makes the 20 a useful lens for low light photography.


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