Olympus Corp in real trouble

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Re: Olympus Corp in real trouble

As word of this spreads to consumers, the predicted failure of the company may well become a self-fulfilling prophesy. The impact on sales will tell the tale in short order. Beyond that, product development is bound to be constrained.

If Samsung does not acquire Olympus I do not know who else would be interested. Panasonic does not really need Olympus. This could be the end of the road for Olympus.

alfaflash wrote:

The following article only discusses the investigation of Olympus Corp by the Japanese securities regulators. It does not discuss the fact that Olympus shares have dropped by more than 70% in the last two weeks, and all bets are that Olympus will have to be sold either as a complete corporation, or by being broken up and the individual business units being sold off.


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