best wide angle lense for canon 5d mark 11

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Re: another opinion and some experience

samyang 14 is awesome, even sharper than nikon at 2.8 in the corners, and no CA, though nikon is better from f 5.6 on.

the Nikon is pretty easy to use on the canon. I have the second generation adapter. live viewat 10x is my preferred way of landscape focusing nowadays anyway, even with my canon lenses. the Nikon weaknesses are flare and lack of filters, and I find the 16-35 a better range than 14-24. you can look here for my comparison of the two lenses

I think that the modern stitching software do a pretty decent job. yeah some cleaning may need to be done. here is a handheld 4 shot panorama with the 16-35II on 5d2

and a couple on tripod

Pierrick wrote:

I second that - get the 24-105mm. That gives you the lens that will be sitting on your camera 90% of the time. I was actually very surprised to see what 24mm on a FF camera looks like, it's very wide and has lower distortion that the 17-55mm at 17mm on my 7D crop-sensor. 24mm on FF = 15mm on 1.6x.

However, I disagree with the stitching alternative. Stitching might work fine if what you shot has absolutely zero moving parts. But if you have a body of water, or tree branches, or grass blades, and the presence of the slightest wind, you won't get a convincing result.

Kevin: how do you like the Samyang 14, and how useable is the Nikon 14-24 with the adapter? Thanks!

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