Stop bashing big megapixels please thread

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Stop bashing big megapixels please thread


As of late, mostly because of the long anticipated, and possibly 36MP Nikon D800, I can't seem to get away from threads and articles talking about how unnecessary 36MP is in regards to a human's ability to even notice the detail. One chap even suggested that we would not notice any resolution difference greater than 2000 lines. In other words, 1920x1080. He read this somewhere in a French article.

For some basic context, let me tell those of you who may not know, that is likely the resolution of your computer monitor, and it comes out to 2 megapixels. So, when you view a 12MP image on your monitor, instead of seeing the detail, you either see a shrunken down version with a bit more detail due to the magic of resolving, or you zoom in to 100% and the image is huge and you still don't get to understand the detail, because it's well, huge and you would have to stand all the way back to see it.

First of all, it doesn't at all describe how big the pixels are. Because I will tell you know, I can always see the pixels to some degree on my 1080p monitor.

Second, what about prints.

Third, please don't comment or debate the efficiency or usefulness of a 36MP full frame 35mm sensor in this thread. I know, there is debate as to how good the quality will be. Not interested.

I was always lead to believe that humans could perceive up to about 74MP. And here's an article that backs that up. So please, enough of the high MP bashing in regards to how useless it is.

I think instead of talking about how useless high MP are [on a 1920x1080 monitor] unless you need to crop, we should reverse the blame and talk about why we have for some reason stopped at 1920x1080 monitors, which are a sad sad 2MP in detail. My old 1998 generic CRT [tube] monitor went up to over 2000 lines wide.

Someday soon, mark my words, we will have 4k tv, twice the resolution as 1080p, and the TV's, and so the PC monitors will go up to 4k, and everyone with high res images and video will be jumping for joy.

The only way we can really see the megapixels working towards resolving detail is probably when we print the images out right?, because printer technology isn't a decade behind in resolution or in dynamic range. TVs and monitors are horrible, mostly in the resolution department.

PS - I know, most images are taken in srgb, but this is not an argument because we only shoot in that, because our monitors suck, otherwise we would shoot in adobe rgb and convert to prophoto rgb.

Any thoughts?

Nikon D800
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