Leica 28mm Summicron on M9

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28mm Summicron on M9: one of my favorite lenses (2 pics)

don't use it enough
the 28 Summicron is so good that Leica may never make a 28 Summilux
sweet OOF rendering close in

with a much larger version & shooting information here --------> http://www.pbase.com/artichoke/o__e&page=17

perfect size & ideal in between focal length for always having in your bag for quick snaps

link to the larger version -------> http://www.pbase.com/artichoke/houston&page=21

I have not found the distortion referred to in the above post, even shooting wide open on the M9

I have both a 24 and 35 lenses in the M mount, but find the 28 the most useful, particularly as it is relatively small and unobtrusive compared to its faster stable mates

this lens is wonderful for people shots & I don't use it much for architecture work, though I think it would work just fine, even opened up

the second shot was a snap taken opened up & at 1/30 second, so shake make have been an issue, though I don't think there was a problem with vignetting or distortion

I may love the 28 Summicron on my M9 even more than I did on my M8, though I use it now less
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