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Re: Review and sample images at SeriousCompacts

zipcode wrote:

Sorry for the confusion, I was talking about the opening images. Yours, Ariston

lol. you should look at the original images, they are a lot more sharper. to be honest, I'm unsatisfied on the uploaded images here. I think I mentioned that I juiced up the images to show how much I could push and get from the image resolution. I processed the SRW files under Capture One. the added sharpening does indeed increase noise. although the software does a magnificent job with the colors, it is still below LR and ACR with regards to NR and detail / sharpness processing. although it is better compared to SilkyPix. Capture One is not that really good when it comes to NR, so practically that is what you are seeing. when I imported the tiff files on LR for jpeg conversion, I forgot to process them further with NR. so that makes the image noise look chunky. I expect better results once LR / ACR begin to support NX200 SRW's.

for now, I believe your advice would be the best thing to do. the images do look really good when downsized to 14-16MP and much so at lower resolution with or without NR. this is where the 20MP resolution advantage kicks in.

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