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One big suggestion

one big suggestion, and some smaller ones.

You shot at 1/160th of a second
That is way too slow.
Even if you get the picture it will look rubbish IMO. Blurry plane.
The KX has a good latitude to be able to use ISO 1600 and 1/1500th
It will look better despite the noise.
Use the force, embrace the dark side to "gain" an advantage.

Unless you knew this and want the plane to be blurry, in which case this is your decision.

Other things, turn off AF after you have confirmed focus (so the camera does not try to refocus) and 4.8FPS may be enough, but do not be surprised if its not, you may get a better result in timing the shot, with FPS you may get the nose comming in the one shot and the next shot just the tail.

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