Zeus 2500 flash vs Dynalite What do you think?

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michael lipman Junior Member • Posts: 35
Zeus 2500 flash vs Dynalite What do you think?

I shoot interiors. I need a lightweight 2500 watt/second flash light pointed at the ceiling in large rooms to light big spaces like a museum. I use 1 to 4 packs with a single head each.

The dynlite is what I have started with but I need 4 packs in 2 cases to fly places
so 4 Dynalites get a bit heavy in my 2 highly organized and small cases .

So weight is a big issue. The dynlite is 14 lbs but it is pretty great light recycling at 2 seconds. But could a Zeus at 11 lbs be just as good ??? If it is used at full power with dynalite head. I am trying it out now but I want your opinion.

I am also trying a Speedoton Force 10 1000 watt/second mono flash
Which is 1/3 to 1/2 stop darker than a Dyna lite 2000 pack with one head 2040.

The speedotron is great at 11 lbs total and 2 second recycle time but it is just not quite as bright.

And please don't suggest the profoto Acute 2400 because I tried that and it just did not hold up to traveling and being dropped by out of town assistants. The profoto Acute was light at 14lbs but the flash heads were heavy and broke all the time.

And the recycle time of 3+ seconds was too long. Of course that was 10 years ago. But try and get a profoto fixed or a replacement part, Like terribly expensive flashtubes.


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