NX200 samples...a waste of a fine camera

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Re: Default settings, non-default lens.

Well, if there are any similar comparisons, they're apparently not that easy to find. None of the front page topics seem to be such, unless the comparisons are buried somewhere within said threads. From your response I got the impression that you had some comparison in mind, which would hardly make it a favor to link to that comparison. Apparently that's not the case.

Ariston wrote:

there are threads on this forum that already show them. they shouldn't be that difficult to find. also I posted some here observing detail retention to say the least. I decided some of the comparisons I made I didn't bother to post no longer because I was very much put off by the whining of some posters that is caused by the dpreview testing. besides, I have given enough favors for the readers and it is up to them whether they accept or reject the images that I presented. also, I used a dedicated NX30mm lens for such testing. only time will tell if I would consider doing another test but with an adapted lens this time. if such variance does occur with specific lens usage, one may free to form his own conclusion from then on. but for now, these are questions that DPR needs to answer for themselves.

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