E-PM1 or E-PL2?

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Re: Tried the E-PM1 again

Jeremy_T wrote:

I made the mistake of holding my week-old iPhone 4S next to it in camera mode and the difference in usability of the LCD's sizes verged on being comical; the E-PM's looked like a postage stamp. It's small wonder many are fleeing cameras for iPhones, Droids and N8's.

If anybody would pick up an iPhone over the E-PM1 based on display alone, more power to them, I suppose, but I don't know that such a person is the target audience for a CSC camera.

I agree, Jeremy, clearly not in the same class in terms of IQ, although I've been pleasantly surprised by just how decent the 4S images are when taken in normal light (I'll be posting a "just for fun" comparison to E-620 pics I took from the same locations on the Phone Camera Forum later). But the 3.5" Retina display has to be seen to be believed, really adds to the enjoyment of taking a photo without a VF.

And while the body is metal, it felt needlessly heavy for such a small camera. Why not alloy? Cost, of course. Yet for close to this same price range one can buy a full-featured DSLR.

The weight of this camera is a non-issue unless you're literally a cripple. I wouldn't want it to weigh any less, as I need at least a bit of weight in order for something to feel good in my hand.

Made me laugh! My comment was simply over-the-top. Totally subjective, I just didn't care for the feel of the E-PM, and the metal body, rather than making it feel like a finely polished machine, just looked and felt clumsy to me.

The upside, the AF speed is very impressive, a true improvement over earlier iterations.


I have tried to embrace mFT, being a longtime Olympus SLR/DSLR user, but the E-PM is not the camera to get me there. My E-620 in comparison uses the same sensor, is built to a much higher level of quality, and offers such fundamental features as a built-in VF, fully articulated larger LCD, a true grip, built-in flash, and great ergonomics.

I love my E620, but to be fair, the E-PM1 is something like 1/3 of its size, and the E620 is especially tiny for a DSLR. There's no question that you have to make compromises to get to something the size of the E-PM1.

I do think that prematurely killing off the consumer level DSLRs was a major mistake, though; I probably would have bought an upgraded E620, but it's obvious now I'll never have the chance. This generation of Pens is just finally reaching performance parity with 3 year old Olympus DSLRs...

The E-PL2 is surely a fine camera, and it's got to be a better choice if you value ergonomics more than performance and size. I understand why people lament the E-PM1's ergonomics, but it's going to come down to personal preference in the end; I found the tradeoffs acceptable, others will disagree.

I really appreciated your well thought through response (how often do we hear that on these Forums ;)). Sounds like we're in a similar place, both having E-620's, but in slightly different places regarding Olympus mFT's.

The E-PM just frustrated the heck out of me, such an opportunity to strut their stuff against the competition, but such glaring ergonomic and functional (the small screen thing again) flaws. Had they simply taken the XZ-1 body with its 3" OLED and built-in flash, and incorporated an mFT sensor/processor/lens mount, they would have been more successful.

After shooting with my E-620 and 9-18mm lens again on a fine fall morning today, I'm in no rush regarding mFT. I simply love everything about that camera, latest sensor excepted, and even that's a small compromise to me as it still takes fine pictures. To think I bought the body for less than an E-PM with their world's apart build quality.

The reality is, you can only buy what's available or wait for the next gen and hope. Given their financial melt down, I'm not sure how smart waiting is, but that's where I remain for now.
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