I Dynamic Range and RAW in FZ150

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Re: I Dynamic Range and RAW in FZ150

Shutter speed will be slower particularly in the following cases. Keep the camera still from the moment the shutter button is pressed until the picture appears on the screen. We recommend using a tripod .

- In [HIGH DYNAMIC] in Creative Control Mode

Page 27, FZ150 Owners Manual (advanced), VQT3S75


This is an impressive image effect that adjusts dark areas and bright areas to appropriate brightness, together with enhancements on colors .

Page 84, FZ150 Owners Manual (advanced), VQT3S75 .

Note: [METERING MODE] cannot be set in [HIGH DYNAMIC], [PIN HOLE] and [FILM GRAIN] in Creative Control Mode .

Page 122, FZ150 Owners Manual (advanced), VQT3S75

If HIGH DYNAMIC is (just another) ISO-boosting, RGB tone-curve changing JPG "bell and whistle", then it is probably irrelevant to the image-data-content of the recorded RW2 image-file ... except for any effect that it may have upon the ISO Sensitivity Gain value .

To add to my previous statement that Auto-ISO and i-ISO affects the RW2 image-files, the use of i-Exposure modes (also affecting the ISO Gain Sensitivity) are very likely to (also) affect the RW2 image-files.

Thus, there are a number of (usually thought of as JPG-related) modes in Lumix RAW/RW2-recording camera models that affect ISO Gain Sensitivity value, and the activation of one or all of those modes ( does very likely affect the RW2 image-data ) ...

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