Fuji X100 or V1 with 10mm pancake?

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Re: Fuji X100 or V1 with 10mm pancake?

Yes, if you use only ONE camera, there is the best or the worst.
Why not use 8 x10, 4 X 5 or 35mm for DOF? if you think DOF so important?
N1 is for someone had a Dslr, and photoshop can work on DOF, is it?

frosti7 wrote:
The truth is im not a big supporter of the "1" system,

IQ wise its doing good for its sensor size, its noise is very good compared to M43 - but M43 shows consistantly higher resolution and more details in shots, which is much more important to me,

If noise bugs you so much you can apply NR, and still have better image on M43 then the nikon (due to more information and details)

but thats just the tip of the icebarg - what is much more important to me is the control of DOF, which the "1" completly lacks

if to talk about DOF, the P&S olympus XZ-1 offers me much greater DOF control, also because of the twice faster aperture, it basically does as well as "1+kit" for high ISO's

Here is the sum of my preffered systems as of today (from best to worst):
M43 (most complete system)
Sony NEX-7 (second place because lack of pancakes)
Samsung NX (great lens selection)
Fuji X10 (great DOF control, fast aperture)
Olympus XZ-1 (getting pricy with the EVF addon)
Sony A55 (bit big for my needs)
Nikon "1" system

bjzwaan wrote:

frosti7 wrote:

Go for X100,

frankly this comparison does not compute for me, its like comparing the best with the worst

Best and worse in what? There is a lot of praise for the X100 IQ, but some complaints about the handling. What attracts me to the 1 system is the apparently also very good IQ and the fact that lenses can be changed. Also, I really like what you can do with NEFs in viewNX, and I am used to working with these files. So, there is, for me at least, also something to be said for Nikon.



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