Cannot believe I just ordered V1!

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Re: I just sold off ALL of my Micro 4/3rd gear

Obviously I can't speak for everyone else but I kind of have to wonder if there isn't a bit of this going on for others.

I think a lot of us are used to carrying around relatively large gear and getting really good results for our trouble. I've been looking for something smaller to carry with me with as close to the flexibility as I can get to my DSLRs. I've been looking at P&Ss, having bought and returned quite a few. (The proliferation of the same sensor over many brands has made my testing even easier. Just buy the one from the manufacturer with the best reputation and test that one.) I just couldn't bring myself to settle for what I was seeing and for the compromises I'd have to accept as far as control.

Then along came the J1. I did a small mock-up of the body using the specs and was amazed at how small it was. I started seeing photos pop-up from the reps and those close enough to Nikon to get to play with the cameras before release on Flickr. That sealed it and I pre-ordered.

I got it, carried it around and shot with it. Yes, it is a bit bigger than a P&S but not that much bigger compared to the bigger ones. (In a shop, I was very surprised to see just how big a G12 is! For me, the J1 with 10-30 isn't all that bigger at all.) When I carry the J1, it fits in a jacket pocket very easily and it looks like I'm carrying a P&S when it is in hand. The flexibility of control is there. It isn't as easy as my D700 but it also isn't anywhere near as hard as some reviewers are making it out to be. I'd put it closer to easy to use than hard, even when trying to maintain as much control by the user as possible. Then there are the images. Shooting SOOC of camera is good but that's not my shooting style. I can use the same workflow with this camera as I do with my DSLRs. It's seamless! (I use VNX2, CNX2 and Nik plug-ins.) I would have no qualms about printing at 16x20 from this camera, even a couple of the shots I took yesterday at ISO 3200.

Overall, having something slightly bigger than a P&S but having that nice jump in IQ was an extremely acceptable compromise.

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