K5 - Developing RAW in camera

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Re: K5 - Developing RAW in camera

Cideway wrote:

Allan Brown wrote:

So, you have a very important assignment and rely on the tiny screen for processing your photo before sending it to the client?

Yep, OK.


Actually, Allan if you are a decent and competent photographer you tend to learn the ins and outs of your equipment, you will know that if an image looks a certain way on the screen on your camera, it will look a certain way on you computer.

The first rule that I learnt early in my working life is to know your equipment. Learn it, push it so when the unexpected happens you know what to do.

One thing I have learned is, no matter what camera I am using, I never trust the screen in an uncontrolled environment.

Brightness, contrast, colour hew, colour intensity of a scene varies and can impact your perception of what the screen is showing.

Your eyes adjust to the scene. Ever tried to determine the colour of something under different light sources especially fluorescent?

What shade of white is a building under bright sunlight, sunset, grey skies etc.?


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