A few more early X10 shots

Started Nov 5, 2011 | Discussions thread
Ray Sachs
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Thanks Everyone!

Thanks for all of the kind words folks. I'm traveling for a couple more days, so I'm limited to my iPad for viewing. And posting, again my apologies for not providing direct links so the photos would show up here - if anyone knows how to find that direct link URL on an iPad (it usually takes a right-click on a Mac or PC), please let me know! So I can't really assess the IQ I'm getting until I get home and really get to play with the files. The camera is a pleasure to shoot with, though. The Fuji film modes are typically nice, the AF and face recognition are surprisingly good. I'm shooting mostly in standard full res (aperture or shutter priority usually) and then just using the two auto EXR options (SN or DR priority) when conditions obviously warrant,, one assigned to each of the personal settings slots on the mode dial. I don't really understand the details of EXR well enough to trust myself with the specific settings yet.

Overall, it strikes me as a fine travel camera when you want to travel light. It seems able to handle most shooting situations pretty well. I'm not looking for a single camera to do everything, but I think this will have a role. Its just kind of a fun camera to shoot with. Which matters a lot to me in terms of deciding when I'm gonna throw it in the bag or a pocket.


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