My Sony A500 and A330 black framing and going nuts

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Continual problems with FFB in Sony DSLRs

It is a built-in problem with several 2009 models. The slider unit in the camera has to be replaced. Insist on that repair.

After warranty repair of my Sony A330 with the First Frame Black issue ( meaning that (nearly) every first photo shot after turning the camera on is entirely or nearly entirely black) I recently sold it. Silly me went for another Sony. My wife has the A500, so I thought I'd get an A550 so we're compatible with the batteries. She has the first frame black on her A500 every time, so I should have known better. The A550 is doing it as well, right off the bat, quite regularly in fact.

Now before someone says that that kind of cumulation of a problem with one user should be proof of user error: after my A330 was decently repaired it NEVER happened again for about half a year, until sold.

I've had 5 Sony DSLRs thus far and 3 of them have had the FFB issue. I'm getting tired of having to send my cameras in for servicing every time. It still costs you the shipping and you're without a camera for weeks, IF they can fix it. Communication isn't their strong point either, at least in Coquitlam, BC, so you might get it back unrepaired after they did a lackadaisical test and you're none the wiser.

Why does Sony so persistently deny there is a problem when we all know that there is?

Has anyone heard of FFB in the A580, A33 or A55 or any of the other more recent models?

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