From Sony NEX-5N to Oly E-P3

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Re: NEX 7 is a HUGE letdown

The sensor int he C3 performs better the 5N (according to DxO and PC Mag tests).

PC Magazine is not where I go for high-quality experimental testing of cameras.

DxOMark scores can be found here:

Actually, the NEX-5N outscores the C3 on every DxO mark except for "Low-light ISO", where it scores "1079 ISO" versus the C3 at "1083 ISO". DxO says this is the "the highest ISO sensitivity to which your camera can be set while maintaining a high quality, low-noise image (based on a Signal-to-Noise-Ratio [SNR] of 30dB, a dynamic range of 9EVs and a color depth of 18bits)." as measured by their software. A difference of 4 ISO out of 1000 is, undoubtedly, experimental noise.

These cameras have identical sensors.

[As an aside, as someone with a fair degree of experience in testing methodology (I'll leave it at that), allow me to say: these guys are nitwits. They don't provide any sample or variance information -- likely because they only test a single camera sample a single time in a single environment. This means that their results are statistically meaningless. Irritating.]

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