5DII ISO6400 PP DXO & DPP Comparison

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Re: 5DII ISO6400 PP DXO & DPP Comparison

clk_walker wrote:

Just got the 5DII and shot a couple of indoor images at ISO6400 with 35mm f/1.4 @ f/1.4. I wanted to see how DPP would handle the noise and also take a look at DXO. I normally do not shoot much above ISO800 so typically noise is not a major issue. I was somewhat surprised by the results. I currently have a 20D and a 1DIV.

The first image is full size of the scene.

The next four images are 100% crops from the center AFP: Raw from camera, JPG from camera with high NR, my attempt at PP with DPP, finally PP with DXO using their builtin presets.

My PP with DPP is not meant to be the best that is possible. I normally do not spend alot of time PP because the images do not require it. But I wanted to see how the 5DII did at high ISOs and how DXO would do. I am pleased with the DXO results. Some detailed may have been compromised but given the preset nature I thought it did very well. Any feedback on DPP or DXO would be much appreciated.

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Compare to this at maximum zoom. I took your RAW post (which was actually a JPEG, and the JPEG artifacts show through in this image. A real .CR2 would have been much better).

I put it through Lightroom 3, adding significant NR, adding sharpening of 20, and adding a black clipping of 5. No, it isn't great, but at least it is natural. One can ignore that the DXO looks better small -- if I wanted to make a tiny picture, I'd sharpen after resizing, not create an overly-sharp original that this page would scale-down to look sharp.

I agree that the full-view IMG_0010_DxO_DPR looks nice, as posted, but with that level of scale-down, I could crank up the NR level in any PP software, scale down the image, sharpen the result, and it would look nice. The question is how it looks at 100%, and I think you need to learn to adjust DXO's settings to something less agressive.

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