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Steve Balcombe wrote:

VincentWSLim wrote:

Hello All,

I am dithering between a choice between 2 UWA.

  • 10 - 22 mm Canon f4-5.6

  • 11 - 16 mm Tokina f2.8

I am going up to Hong Kong to buy the lens, the canon is offered at $USD 690 and the Tokina is cheaper by ninty bucks at USD $600. I am seeking practical advice for those who own the lens or have previously own the lens.

With the price so close, will the difference in 1mm wide make a differences. I anticipated myself to be doing a number of landscape. I cannot figure how much more horizon I can get with 1 mm.

11 mm lens on a 22.5 mm wide sensor, horizontal angle of view is 91.3°
10 mm lens on a 22.5 mm wide sensor, horizontal angle of view is 96.7°

So 10 mm is about 5% wider than 11 mm. Of course, there's no guarantee that either lens is exactly the stated focal length, in fact they're probably not.

Does 5% matter? Sometime it will be critical to getting the best composition, sometimes not. But if you don't have the choice, you don't have the choice.

However, I saw another thread here and the 1 stop difference seems critical if doing architecture interior shot.

How about fireworks, will the 1-stop make a difference?

Basically no. It's actually 2/3 stop at the wide end, and these very wide lenses can be hand-held down to about 1/20 with no difficulty at all. There will be very few situations where the difference between f/2.8 and f/3.5 will be critical in terms of exposure and camera shake.

The other reason people sometimes want a large aperture is to blur backgrounds, but usually not with ultrawides where there is very little blur anyway unless focused very close. For what it's worth, distant background blur at 11 mm f/2.8 is about 25% more than at 10 mm f/3.5. Not a mission critical difference.

For me, the big advantage of the 10-22 isn't just that 1 mm, it's the fact that the whole zoom range is more than double the 11-16's. There have been almost as many situations where I've been glad to have 22 mm as 10 mm, because it takes the lens into ordinary wide angle territory - practically a 'walk around' lens for confined situations such as many European city streets.

The 10-22 is also smaller and much lighter (385 g vs 560 g), has extremely low barrel distortion (1.21% @ 10 mm vs 2.09% @ 11 mm for the 11-16) and has ring USM focusing.

add to that the flare resistance of the 10-22, quite useful on a UWA.

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