Sony NEX-7 What IS really going on?

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LOL Glen


Glen K Wells wrote:
Hi Uhoh07

uhoh07 wrote:

Why, oh why am i reading this thread?

Well don't then!

You could always try the "why can't Sony make a lens like this" hehe- only joking.

Consumer angst writ over and over and over and over

You may have missed the fact that I am taking the angle of being very interested as to how this is panning out not pining for a NEX-7

You have a 5n and you are stressed about n7 delivery?

I would not raise my heart rate or Blood pressure by one notch over a superficial item - even if it is a nice on! No-one here has a livleyhood depending on getting a NEX-7 right now.

Being a positive sort of person I prefer to believe others are 'keen' at most to get their new camera.

That is sooo rich.

Sadly not rich, I do ok. - no deposit taken for the NEX-7 and no money going to be spent there this year for sure. I sold my back-up camera on flea-bay for the NEX-5n. Haven't spent any money yet.

Kind Regards

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