The story begins, and Nikon need to be a part of it.

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The story begins, and Nikon need to be a part of it.

Yesterday Canon released its C300 and it is apparent where the trend is heading. Sony F3 was an alternative before, and only 3 hours after Canon announced their creation, RED reveals a competing package.

The key question for me is if Nikon realizes that they have to take moving images seriously. In the year 2002 we had a profitable manufacturer of the worlds best cameras here in Sweden. They was of the opinion that that was enough. It was not. 2004 the company was sold for peanuts.

I feel that we are in the same situation today with moving images as we where with the digital/analog situation 2002. I now do jobs in both areas and what I realy want is one product line. Not two. I want to be able to use the same primes for both worlds and so on. (and yes I know I can buy converters and shitz, but what I realy want is seamless integration)

Yesterday Nikon actually held an event here in Stockholm about the subject om moviemaking. They handed out prizes in a local film award, and showed the current product range.

Yesterday Canon held an event in Los Angeles, where Martin Scorsese and Ron Howard talked about Canons new business area. Taking motion/video seriously does indeed mean different things.

Nikon D3s and Nikon D700 are fantastic still image cameras. Now give me a Nikon house that actually can shoot film!

So, why is this important? Well. Things moves fast, and I honestly do belive that Nikon as well need to develop a camera that can be used with Nikon Primes for real PRO filming. We need a decent codec, SDI, and smart solutions. On the professional segment I am note sure that a great still image camera that can record video as well is enough. They might need a house that can record great film as well.

What do you other people here think?


Nikon D3S Nikon D700
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