Peaking Sensitivity: LCD vs. EVF

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Re: Peaking Sensitivity: LCD vs. EVF

Einmalumdiewelt wrote:
You mean with peaking?

Maybe you can give me some tips? Would love to be able to focus and compose in the same time instead of having to magnify in between.

hiepphotog wrote:
Well, for me, I can nail focus easily at 1.1 and 1.2 with the LCD.

You need to develop an eye for the peaking. To me, it all comes down to two things:

1. The critical amount of highlight: only take the picture when you recognize that where you want to focus receives the highest amount of highlight. This might involve focusing past the intended point a bit and dialing back. This is how I manually focus with an OVF as well (with or without focus aid such as split prism, micro prism, or matte screen).

2. The current focal plane of the surrounding relative to where you want to be in focus

Now if you want to focus on a green apple with uniform contrast (this is a tough test for any type of AF mechanism out there), you would have to look at the highlight movement of the surrounding instead. When the highlighted focus plane is in line with the apple, take your picture.

I hope this helps. I have taken about 2000 pictures so far with the new 5N. I have to say 90% of them is just random practice with peaking. This is just part of learning the tool. It might be easier to nail the critical focus at f/1.1 than f/8.

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