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Re: On EXR RAW - edu you did it!!

Billx08 wrote:

Trevor G wrote:

. . .
I'm keen to see what 1600% does - it might mean an extra EV!

No, I don't think so. This works very well in RAW when it's able to use the greater DR produced by the EXR sensor's hardware, but 1600% represents four stops of dynamic range. I think that DR 1600% is produced by a combination of EXR hardware and the same type of software (curve based) DR that many non-EXR cameras use, such as Nikon's Active D-Lighting.

You could be right about that.

Even though it appears that the EXR cameras have about 3 stops of headroom to play with, I think that only 2 stops of that are from the EXR sensor's hardware which shortens the exposure (shutter speed) for 1/2 of the photosites.

You might not be right about that. These 2 images processed from edu T's original RAWs suggest that at 800% the EXR technology is capable of pulling almost 3EV back from over-exposed highlights.

Low light capabilities are enhanced by raising ISO and then selectively boosting darker parts only. This image does not need any boosting of lowlights.

Then again, because the EV-reduced image is still well above black at the bottom end and needs the black point adjusted, you might even be right!

Original over-exposed by 3EV:

EV reduced by 2.8. Could easily have been 2.9. That's all, apart from also bringing the black point down to 0:

The adjusted image then very closely matches a correctly exposed one:

Amazing, really. My Nikon D700 is good for about 2EV because it is only 12MP on a full frame sensor.

My Fuji S5Pro has done 3EV on an APS-C sensor. That was great technology, the fore-runner to the EXR.

My Panasonic G1 could usually barely muster 0.5EV of highlght recovery. The latest ones don't really do any better.

My Pentax K-x (APS-C) was good for around 1EV, I think. All of these are referring to processing RAW images.

Here we have a teensy weensy sensor in an F550 able to recover 3EV - WOW!

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