Funky Colour ...

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Funky Colour ...

... In another thread a point was made that displaying a CMYK image in an sRGB environment would account for the 'funky' colour seen in the image.

As I am very experienced in the print and publishing environment, I found the statement a little strange, especially as no supporting evidence was provided.

Also, I'm not quite sure what the term 'funky' meant, but I thought I would take an ordinary S100 fs RAF file, do absolutely nothing to it, except save it in sRGB, CMYK, AdobeRGB and ProPhotoRGB colour profiles, and then display them here.

This is the result.





Just to give you a 'verbal' idea of what I am seeing - The sRGB is the most vivid, the CMYK image a little less so, the AdobeRGB image looks somewhat similar to the CMYK image but the colours are a little more subdued, and the ProPhotoRGB image looks very subdued (dull).

If you have PS, try it for yourself.
Regards, Dave

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