First impessions of X10 Today

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Paul Farace
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First impessions of X10 Today

This is not a review of the capabilties of the X10... just a gut feeling based on my first experience with the camera today at the store. I got the thrill of opening the cherry box and unwrapping the thing direct from the factory and sliding the battery in and shoting a few shots... this may make the techies go nuts, but asethetics are important too:

1. It is a bit too small (they must have found tiny hand models to hold it in the product shots, cos it looked bigger in them)

2. It's too damn light! I know that is often good, but they made a big deal about build quality... that may be , but heft has a role to play in the game too! And the X10 is bit too "tinny" for the $600 asking price. My Fuji fx50 is more solid feeling in the hand. A few extra ounces would have helped.

3. I just hate, hate hate the blank front plate of the camera! Those two stereo mike holes look like someone ripped off the nameplate!!! Please, it would look so much better with a "FujiFilm" or X10 logo on the front!!! It always made me crazy to see Leica M6-7-8s with their totally blank top decks, missing the beautiful cursive "Leica" engraving... at those prices, it deserved all the luxe you can pack in... the X10 face is just too damn plain.... the top deck and back are fine... ( I know this has nothgin to do with operational qualities, but looks are important too!).

4. The viewfinder is better than some others, but it struck me as cheap and missing any sort of data... even a focus locked in light would help... and the diopter wheel was tricky to use.

5. The zoom feature of the OVF was nice.

6. The lens seems to have a sufficient detent at wide setting to prevent you from turning the camera to the "off" setting... this was a gripe of some early users.

UPSHOT: I will hold on to my piggy bank and see how Canon and others react to the X10... or if they don't... the X11 or whatever is coming in january will be interesting!

I am glad they're coming closer to the mark of "ideal" rangefinder camera... the digital equivalent of the Nikon S-2, Canonet G17, or Olympus 35 RC.

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