FZ150 vs. Canon 7D with 100-400 is for birding.

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Re: FZ150 vs. Canon 7D with 100-400 is for birding.

Yes indeed. Back in the mid 50's when I had a darkroom, I was shooting Tri-X and push processing it. But that meant a lot of time in the dark, the chemicals, no chance to take a break, being solitary, and it was all in black and white.

When digital processing started, I was still shooting 35 mm film; but bought a slide and negative scanner and then worked on the images on my PC. It really re-awakened my interest in photography. Working in daylight, no chemicals, a chance to get up and answer the phone, take a restroom break, and have someone look over my shoulder is just so much nicer. Not to mention that a lot of tricks like dodging, are sooo much easier on a PC and we work in color.

Back in the 80's and 90's I started carrying 35 mm AF point and shoot cameras instead of my SLRs. A lot of them were compact and many were excellent picture takers; but focal length ranges were limited, unless the F# was very slow. Pentax had a P&S with a 200 mm lens that was f/13 at the long end, wide open. Not the best choice for available light work. My FZ150 is about f/3.3 at 200 mm.

So why is everyone complaining?

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