Trying to pick an audio solution for my Canon 60D

Started Sep 22, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Re: Trying to pick an audio solution for my Canon 60D

Hi, I also just got a Tascam DR40. Have already used it and very happy with the results. It is fantastic for me to have my audio removed from the camera (I use wireless mic's into xlr). I just clap at beginning of every take, syncs up easy and sounds great. For the kinds of things you shoot, I would try leaving the recorder and mic running somewhere in the back of a concert and that gives you mobility to move around without changing the audio quality. For interviews, I would recommend something like this:

For $40. you can't complain and it will sound better then a shotgun in a loud environment. Plus, one of the big problems with audio is not using xlr because the other connectors are all unbalanced leaving you open to hiss, noise, cable problems etc,

One other thing to consider by using a balanced input, generally, if you have clearance, you can plug into the board directly and you'll get the true music feed with no issues whatsoever.

Good luck

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