3rd-party flashes on nx10

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3rd-party flashes on nx10

I just received an Yongnuo YN460-II few days ago. Actually it did not fire in manual mode, which was pretty much the behavior I reckoned. After giving it some tries, I found an easy but reliable solution on this problem. It's a slight hardware modification which can be easily done in some minutes.

First of all let me say that I'm not responsible for any injuries, damages or anything else. If you'll try to use this solution, you'll do it on your own risk!

The simple trick is to install a resistor inside the flash, which is connected in parallel to the center contact and ground. This will basically reduce the residual resistance of the trigger signal of the nx10. I identified the adequate resistor value by first trying to trigger manually by using wired resistors to connect the center contact of the flash to the plate. With less than 6 kOhms the flash fired. Hence, the resistor to install had to be larger than this, not to fire the flash without trigger signal. Actually, this is now the value I'm using as with higher values, the flash sometimes didn't fire. But maybe some higher values would work reliably too on other camera/flash combinations. I just soldered in a smd resistor of about 6 kOhm and now the flash is fired without problems by the nx10.

So, if any of you tried to use 3rd-party flashes on the nx10 (or maybe other models) and it didn't work right, this will probably help you.

I took some pictures of the modification:

First you have to take out the 4 screws on the bottom of the flash housing:

Then you can lift up the bottom plate. Be careful with the cables, which are short and probably bad soldered. To find the right resistor value, you might want to attach the opened flash to the camera and clamp wired resistors between red and black cable. Then you can try to shot in M mode (exposure time > 1/180 s !) to see if the flash will fire. With a resistor of about 6 kOhms the flash should fire when pressing the shutter release.

I wanted to place a smd resistor on the small circuit board. So I scratched off some of the solder resist on the ground wiring.

And then placed the resistor between this point and the center pin.

Theres enough space so that a standard wired resistor could be used as well.

This solution works perfectly for me. The flash is triggered reliably by the camera and I could not observe any problems. As the cameras hot shoe shold be short-circuit-proof, there should be no technical problems with this solution.

I'm almost happy with this flash on my nx10 now (apart from the lack of framing mode). This modification should be possible for other flashes too. I hope, this will help anyone.

Samsung NX10
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