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Re: my take on the EVF issue

SHood wrote:

I wonder if a LCD Viewfinder requires more room than the OLED viewfinder. I still think OLED is the way to go as it has some inherent advantage over LCD that are very beneficial when used in a viewfinder.

dv312 wrote:

I'm sure Panny is aware of the flush EVF design on the left but their EVF provider (Epson?) may have not have the technology to shrink it further thus they have no choice but to mount that huge ugly apparatus in the middle to give the body a more balanced looks and perhaps not throw off the SLR crowd.

If they want they could swallow their pride and buy the EVF technology from Sony but that's not likely to happen.

Until the time when Epson can supply them with a smaller EVF we won't see a RF + left EVF design anytime soon.

I think it's a technology constraint design decision, , not a pure styling and aesthetical one as they'd wish to.

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Judging only from the pictures Sonys higher resolution OLED EVF with 2.3m dots

do appear to have a smaller body size then the 1.44m dot LCD EVF used on the Nikon 1J and I would expect Panys new one to be similar.

No reason why Pany should be married to a Epson design even if they maybe own the company? Or why they could not also be using a OLED design as there are other companies out there manufacturing the same for sale and Pany did mention the possibility of using either LCD or OLED for the EVF in their patent of a couple years ago.

The one possible drawback I have read of is reportedly an OLED EVF has a shorter life than an LCD one about 8 years. That may be long enough the way camera bodies keep changing but some would rather keep for a longer time so maybe there are advantages to having the hotshoe model as can always change to a better newer one.

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