Solve the dilemma! D90/5100/7000?

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Re: Solve the dilemma! D90/5100/7000?

Well after months deliberating I have only recently taken the plunge.
I went for the D5100 but.........

after a week or so using it I felt like I had'nt really 'upgraded'. Apart from the side hinged screen, the novelty of the effects etc soon wore off and the camera felt, if anything, even smaller and unbalanced (to me) with the 70-300 lens.

I also wasnt keen on the tiny red dot focus points in the viewfinder. This was a step down in quality from the d5000.

I returned the camera to the dealer and they were very good in giving me a full refund in part exchanging it for a d7000.

Now feel like I have upgraded to a better camera. Still getting to grips with it (and so much to learn!) but looking forward to growing my skills with it.
Hope you enjoy your new d7000 as much as I hope to enjoy mine!

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