Entry level dslr?

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Re: Entry level dslr?

As evidenced by the huge controversy over the changes to DP Review, and their rating methods over the past year, these labels are completely subjective. It is an arbitrary label as to what is entry level, intermediate, amateur, advanced amateur, pro, consumer, etc. Has much more to do with marketing and reviews than it does with actual uses.

There is a hierarchy, but it is a continuum, with no clear-cut lines of distinction. Today's "entry level" contains much of the performance as yesterdays top-of-the-line "pro" - often times they exceed it.

This is today's generally available new Nikon continuum (not all are still being produced):

D3000, D3100, D5100, D90, D7000, D300s, D700, D3s, D3x

As you can see, the D5100 is toward the "entry" level end, but also toward the "Mid/Intermediate" level. Does it have the features you want or will use? Does it fit your price range? Can it take advantage of your current glass? Then don't worry about what label the marketing department gives it.

Buy it, shoot it, learn from it, most of all - enjoy it.

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