S100 max zoom: Effective? It depends.

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Re: S100 max zoom: Effective? It depends.

jonrobertp wrote:

thx. I set my in cam to low. And usm usually 120-150; .9; and 2. Maybe ...what would you suggest I change first ? thx.

If I understand your question correctly, change the settings in the order they are in the dialog box. However, that's not a hard and fast rule. What I do feel is important is to adjust any changes in contrast (eg Levels) before sharpening to make the effects of sharpening more easy to see.

btw, for photos that look kind of hazy, some people use a large number for Radius, and a small number for Amount. I personally only use Threshold if there is a minor amount of noise in an image.

fwiw, here is how I edit my photos; on rare occasion I may use other steps such as a Selective Color Adjustment layer.


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