How to test/use EXR - Dynamic Range mode (Highly recommended)

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edu T has done it - 3EV of headroom in EXR RAW!

Thanks to edu T who read my suggestions above but tried +3EV instead of my +1EV suggestion on his F550. He used EXR mode at 400%.

What a result...and you can see his initial post and findings in this thread:

I'll present his results slightly differently here, because while he has done an excellent job with producing the images, they needed a slightly different adjustment to view correctly.

Here they are, complete with histogram and explanation:

Number 1 is his original shot which he over-exposed by 3.0EV. I have brought the blackpoint down to 0 instead of 70, to show this is a typical, high contrast scene with blown highlights.

Number 2 is the same image reduced by 2.8EV, with the blackpoint reset at 55, to produce a histogram that closely matches an image he took at the same time with no over-exposure.

Number 3 is the 0EV exposure he took as a check, referred to in the explanation for image 2.

That's an amazing result. I can get around 3EV out of my S5 Pro, but only about 2EV out of my Nikon D700. Most other cameras are somewhat less than that!

For instance, the average µ4/3 camera, such as a panasonic G1, has about 0.5EV headroom.

You EXR sensor owners, and they now include the X10, probably don't realise what a brilliant system Fuji has given you. Be impressed.l

NB I'm sure someone will question the lack of EXIF information - I have to take screenshots in order to show the histogram, so I will also post the matching, original, exif-included images, probably in another thread that highlights this amazing feat.

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