Need suggestions on use of 77mm Limited with K-x

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Not motion blur

Elizabeth - I can't see any sign of motion blur in these shots at the size you've posted. Motion blur is pretty distinctive and usually shows a double image, with the two ends of the movement clearer than the bit in the middle. You can just about see it in this shot (look at the notches in the roof line)

It's much more obvious in this full-size image (follow the link)

Looking at your first two shots it's odd that you've kept aperture the same, doubled ISO (2X) but exposure has decreased by only 0.8X (reciprocal of 1.6X). It's possible that the slight difference in exposure might affect how sharp the two images look.

You say you haven't sharpened them. All digital images need some degree of sharpening so it's hard to judge critically on unsharpened images.

In the vase shots you say you focused on the gold lines; but their distance from the camera varies quite a lot from nearest to furthest so it's impossible to say just where the focus distance was. You need some sort of totally unambiguous focus point - you can download charts but I prefer this simple home-made test.

I make sure the ruler is in shot but well clear of the centre circle in the VF, which is roughly the size of the cross-type AF sensor. The only thing that the sensor can possibly pick up is the pin: the marks on the ruler show any FF or BF.

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