From PC magazine review 5N high ISO worse than C3

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Re: From PC magazine review 5N high ISO worse than C3

Jefftan wrote:,2817,2394905,00.asp#fbid=gC5g4xLleya

Do you guys in this forum agree?

No. Both have the same sensor. Any differences must be judged in RAW output and can be put down to sample variation or perhaps Sony is 'cooking' the raw data differently between the two models. The main difference between the implementation of this sensor in the two models is that the 5n will shoot at 100 ISO giving it a very slight advantage over the C3's minimum of 200 ISO.

Of course the 5n has a number of other advantages including better build, 1080p video, better grip, ability to use EVF etc. etc. Whether these are worth the additional cost of the 5n over the C3 depends on the photographer's requirements and the price difference which varies quite a lot from country to country.

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