X10 vs. XZ-1 vs. S100 vs. TL500 vs. GH2

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Daniel Lauring
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X10 vs. XZ-1 vs. S100 vs. TL500 vs. GH2

Before I get jumped on this was a quick and dirty test to see how they compared at the same light level (dim room.) Previously I had been using my cat for such tests but she gets tired of sticking around for all the shenanigans, so I found a substitute that was more patient. I attempted to set each camera at 90mm (the TL500 only goes to 72mm) and shot at the widest aperture available, 1/60 shutter speed, auto WB and auto iso. When the camera seemed to choose a higher iso than needed, I manually set the iso lower and took another shot (TL500 and X10.)

I wasn't exactly at 90 with all shots and the framing wasn't perfect, but you can still get an idea of what each camera is capable of.

The S100 was set to the lowest NR setting.
The X10 was set to Medium-Soft sharpness and Medium-Low NR.

The GH2 was set on default sharpness, contrast, saturation and NR. (I will retake with NR reduced and possibly saturation too.)

I recall reading the Oly and Samsung use the same sensor as the S95.

My conclusion. The X10 did the best job of color balance. The Samsung admirable as well. The GH2 clearly won for detail, but had bad color balance and horrible yellow blotchiness.

The album is here.


X10 at auto(1600) X10 chose iso 1250

X10 at auto(800) X10 was limited to iso 800

Canon S100 iso auto 1600. Camera chose 1600...needed a bit more.
The poor little S100 didn't stand a chance with it's F5.0 aperture.

Panasonic GH2 iso auto 1600. Camera chose iso 640. Lens was 45mm F2.8

I was the most disappointed with this shot. The yellow blotches are a mess. I've seen this behavior with the LX5 and you can see a little of it with the XZ-1 and a little more with the TL500.

Olympus XZ-1 iso auto 1600. Camera chose 640.
You can't adjust jpeg NR with the XZ-1. The RAW would be much better.

Samsung TL500 iso auto 400. Camera limited to 400.
The TL500 is a little heavy handed with NR too.

Samsung TL500 iso auto 1600. Camera chose iso 800.

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