V1 sizewise & pricewise (images)

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Re: V1 sizewise & pricewise (images)

I like your take from the other side of this...

Frankly, a touch screen like the 5n has would work well for me as a replacement for the present configuration of controls. This may well be a way to go with the ever-shrinking high quality cameras!

The Skipper wrote:

Joe Mannex wrote:

There is a tipping point for people with DSLR and rangefinder camera experience when it comes to ergonomics and function of a small camera, be it a back up or not. The V1/J1 are on the wrong side of good for this would be buyer.

I think you nailed it. For those coming from the DSLR world, the V1/J1 seems compact (or perhaps too compact) by comparison. But for those coming from P&S, the V1/J1 are too big.

In my case, I am looking for a P&S replacement. The V1/J1 are not compact enough. Actually, the V1 cannot even be a P&S replacement regardless of it size, because it is missing the build-in flash.

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