A77 + superzoom vs canon 5D + L lenses

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Re: I think that's more a lens test than a camera test.

tomhongkong wrote:

If he needs to print big, crop heavily or extend the range of conditions in which he is shooting, then the better quality of the Canon FF, as exhibited here, will surely give more satisfactory results

A lot has happened since I first posted in this thread! Anyway, this point perfectly explains why I will always shoot with the highest quality gear I can afford- and why I shoot raw, in a nutshell. See- I don't always know before hand which image I'm going to want to print big or aggressively crop (my wife does that a lot) or whatever at the time when I shooting the image! If I KNEW, 100% without a doubt, that the only use an image will get will be maybe a picasa or facebook gallery, then so what- my cell phone shoot adequately for that. I don't want to have a picture that's unusable for that big print on my living room wall because I sued crap glass or whatever to shoot it! So I treat EVERY image as if it were going to be printed big, no matter what, just as a standard practice. Other wise, I would have saved a few thousand dollars and bought into a m4/3 or some other nice cheap, compact setup.


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