dpreview at Photo Plus Expo this week - any questions?

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Re: dpreview at Photo Plus Expo this week - any questions?

I agree with you that there'd be little sense in Ricoh-Pentax competing with third parties for the unintelligent hunk of metal adapter business except for perhaps their own line(s) of lenses. I'm not very familiar with Pentax anymore; if there were an auto-focus line of lenses worth promoting on a new GXR sensor module, maybe they could abstract the mount such that Pentax AF lenses get a leg up (with or without a Ricoh provided adapter) and other lenses can be accommodated through buying an adapter, from third parties, to fit. With a short flange focal registration distance Ricoh could tap into the enthusiasm Sony's NEX line has going for it with legacy lenses being re-purposed... provided they don't forget M glass users! Ok, that's a selfish wish admittedly but why mess with what is working for them?

Rather than delivery next week can I buy this system today? I would if I could and I'd have to stand in line I bet.

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