Entry level dslr?

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Re: Entry level dslr?

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I'm looking to upgrade my D50 which I've had for many years. I'm looking at the D5100. When I read reviews for it many times it says "great entry level dslr" I've had a dslr for about 5 years now and I think I'm a bit past entry level. What would be just past entry level? Thanks

In my opinion, Nikon cameras without AF motors, top LCD panels, no DOF preview button, and no wireless flash commander function, are entry level.

As I have several lenses without focus motors, and flash units that can use the built-in commander, I would definitely take a more featured D90 or D7000 over a D5100. Someone else may not be concerned about those things, and opt for the D5100.

Uhh... Is my D300 an entry level?
It doesn't have wireless flash commander...

Uhh... maybe you need to get better acquainted with your camera and manual.
For starters, check page 293, "Commander Mode".

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