Entry level dslr?

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Re: Entry level dslr?

look at it this way --- "upgrading" from a D50 to a D5000 will actually downgrade some of your experience.

despite being an "entry level" camera, the D5100 is an upgrade to your "consumer" level camera, because it's newer. it has new technology. it will perform better at ISO, metering is probably more advanced, it features that ADL auto contrast system, not to mention it takes video and has a higher megapixel count.

on the other hand, you will LOSE some features. how much do you care for your secondary shot-setting LCD screen on the top of the camera? i religiously use mine (and have since my old 20D). you will lose it on the D5100. the D5100 also has a much simpler control layout. simple = fewer buttons and direct controls. my D90 has a direct access button for ISO and WB. you will not have these buttons on your D5100. instead you will have to dig through a menu to find these settings.

in the end is it "better"? that's a judgement call. i say 'no'. i would rather have a camera that i can control quickly and effectively, which is why i have a D90. my advice is to compare the two obsessively for a month or two before deciding!

seriously though it helps to think of camera models not as linear, but as a matrix. along one axis you have generations (D50, D70, D90, etc.) and along the other axis you have consumer grade level (entry level D5100, consumer level D7000, pro level D700, etc.). a camera that is a higher grade but older is about the same as a camera that is a lower grade but newer, and vice versa.

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