Repairing my 450D shutter button!

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Re: Repairing my 450D shutter button!

photofan1986 wrote:

After buying a second hand 350D ...

Dear photofan1986,

I have a question for you (or for others anyway...), please can you help me?

I have a similar problem with the shutter button of an old Canon 300d that doesn't focus anymore but shoot normally when pressed down.

Ixus 50 methinks. I managed to find the top panel , with the shutter button, and it seemed to work well. The button didn't look all the same, but once I opened it, I saw the same metal plate as the one in the 450D! I've got to be lucky!

I have open my camera and dismount the shutter button.

Inside It I found only one small metal plate and not two of them like in your picture.

I don't know if I lost a metal plate during dismounting or there is only one inside.

I reassembled camera after cleaning but it still doesn't work.

How many metal plate are inside shutter button?

Thank you

Bruno 0.5

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