Canon 9000 mkII - is it the best printer for glossy prints?

Started Nov 2, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Martin_MM Regular Member • Posts: 142
Canon 9000 mkII - is it the best printer for glossy prints?

Hi, thinking about buying a home printer, I have read hundreds of reviews, views, personal opinions etc. Unfortunately, in my country it is impossible to make a seller print you your pics so that you could make a visual judgement yourself.....

That´s why here comes my question to you, owners of this printer or to you who did any kind of comparison with this printer:

I´m printing color prints on glossy papers only (the other surfaces have more flat look imho) so I´m interested just in the glossy prints quality. From what I´ve read so fat, the Canon Pixma Pro 9000 mkII should be the best printer for this purpose (partially due to its dye-based inks while the pigment inks are said to be less good on the glossy surface...).

Anybody, please have you compared these printers on glossy prints?!

  • Epson R3000

  • Pixma Pro 9500 mkII

  • Pixma Pro 9000 mkII

  • Epson 3880

  • ...the latest Pixma Pro-1

Is my estimation about Pixma Pro 9000 mkII being the best printer for glossy papers right??

Is it possible that the lastest Pixma-Pro1 could be at least equal to 9000mkII on the glossy papers with its pigment inks ?

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