Minimum shutter speeds for micro 4/3rds lenses

Started Nov 1, 2011 | Discussions thread
millsart Senior Member • Posts: 2,771
Many factors besides focal length to consider

One major factor is are you holding a camera at arms length using a LCD or are you using an EVF and making contact with your forehead, adding stability

Additionally weight and balance of a camera body can really affect steadiness. I can shoot a heavy camera easier than I can a light one because it just feels more dampened.

Location of shutter button and how you grip a camera can make a big difference. Sometimes I'm amazing at what a 2 second time handheld can do vs just pressing the shutter

Have to take all that and more into account, not just focal length

widick wrote:

In the 35mm world the rule of thumb was that minimum shutter speed was the reciprocal of the lens focal length.

Is the minimum shutter speed for a 50mm micro 4/3rds lens ( 35mm equivalent 100mm ) 1/50 sec or 1/100 sec? For the sake of this discussion let's ignore stabilization.

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